We Have the Experience and Resources to Help You Take Control of Your Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs continue to be the single greatest expense for employers today. To combat these cost increases we analyze alternate funding methods. In addition to fully-funded insurance plans, we also evaluate partial self-funding, level premium, and a group Co-Op (Captive) model.

Funding Options:

  • Partial Self-Funding Advantages
    • State premium and ACA tax savings of approximately 5%
    • Lower administrative fees with a Third Party Administrator (TPA)
    • Flexibility of plan design and cost containment options
    • Protection from unexpected large claims with specific and aggregate insurance
    • Detailed monthly utilization reporting
  • Level Premium
    • There is a fixed premium regardless of claims amounts
    • If claims are lower than expected, you participate in the surplus
    • There is no deficit carryforward if claims exceed expectations
  • Group Co-Op (Captive)
    • A Captive model provides the mechanism that allows small and medium employers to pool resources – providing them the ability to obtain and control data, decrease cost, and decrease long term volatility
    • You also have: flexibility of plan design (HRA, HSA, Copay), and the provider network can be whatever you want (BCBS, Cigna, Humana, UHC, etc.)