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Employee Benefits

Great employee benefits are one of the keys to attracting and retaining the best employees. Through planning and consulting, we help you design, administer and manage a cost-effective benefits program....Find out more »

Strategic Planning

The key to a successful and sustainable employer-sponsored health plan is proactivity, and that an employer’s value perception is maximized when employees receive the appropriate benefits....Find out more »

HR & Compliance

In this legislative environment, maintaining health and welfare plan compliance can be challenging for any business. Our Compliance team can help you develop and deploy effective strategies to implement healthcare reform in a way that aligns with your business goals....Find out more »

Individual / Personal Coverage

At Burnham Benefits, we understand that insurance can be confusing. One of our main goals while working with our individual and group clients is to help them understand what choices fit their particular insurance needs and how we can help manage any issues that arise....Find out more »

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